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Ivory Wood Tower

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Acacia Estates, Taguig City
Turnover Date: May 2018
Unit Sizes: 49.5 sqm – 154 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.6 M to Php 5.9 M


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Ivory Wood Tower By DMCI

Ivory Tower brings to you the opportunity of living in a setup that is inspired by the elegant Filipino-Spanish architecture. Elegantly built Ivory Tower stands in Taguig City's heart.

The Ivory Tower is also popularly known as Ivory Wood is an average sized residential development showcasing the perfect architecture of Filipino-Spanish kind which makes this structure stand out amongst all the other setups of the region. 

Ivory Tower is situated in Taguig City amidst Acacia Estates and is an ideal development for couples who are looking forward to starting up families as well as the ones who desire to harness the advantages of urban living in a peaceful and elegant environment where resort-like amenities are featured.

Ivory Tower rests on an expansion of 3.32 hectare of land area and offers the excellence of everything. It is a creation of the well-known brand, DMCI Homes. The development is a huge one consisting of seven medium risen condominiums, each comprising of six spacious floors. Within each of the seven towers are incorporated amazing amenities and features that impart a lifestyle of ease and luxury.

Initially, Taguig City was a primary fishing community of the ancient that lies in the southeastern region of Metro Manila along Laguna De Bay's vast western shore. The borders of Ivory Tower are dotted by Pateros, Pasig as well as Makati on the northern region, Paranaque in the southwestern region, Muntinlupa City in the southern area as well as Pasay City in the western region. Concludingly, Ivory Tower is surrounded by a lot of areas of prime importance.

Ivory Tower offers nine hundred and sixty-five comfortable condo units along with eight hundred and thirty-two convenient parking slots. Ivory Tower is a low-density residential development that offers top-notch amenities and facilities including both outdoor as well as indoor provisions. The surroundings of the towers are beautified with lush greenery. There are various kinds of units offered by Ivory Tower which include spacious two-bedroom units, three-bedroom units as well as three-bedroom tandem units. The sizes of these various units range from forty-nine and a half square meters to one hundred and fifty square meters. Each and every unit of the property is designed to perfection and built using top-quality materials. Every unit of Ivory Tower undergoes a perfection inspection under section one hundred and two of the Philippine National Building Code.

The various amenities and features of Ivory Tower include a large lap pool, a smaller kids pool, a large-sized playground for kids, a relaxation pool, a pool deck, gazebos, a multiuse clubhouse, grill pits, a huge basketball court, beautifully landscaped gardens, shower areas, convenience stores and counters, provision for CCTV Cameras, water sprinklers for emergencies, electrical fencing in the perimeter and so much more.

Apart from the outdoor facilities and amenities, Ivory Tower also features various indoor facilities including landscape atriums for natural ventilation of the residential units, a lavish lounge, gaming area for the kids, a well-equipped gymnasium, an entertainment room, a function hall and so much more. 

Education of your little ones is an eased out affair while residing at Ivory Tower as it stays in the extreme close vicinity of educational establishments like International School, Assumption College, Colegio de San Agustin as well as British School.  

Ivory Tower lies in the extreme close vicinity of St. Lukes BGC while the popular Makati Medical Center lies just at a distance of nine kilometers. The location of the property is such that it lies in the close neighborhood of various places of supreme importance including entertainment and business establishments like SM Aura, BGC, Shopping Centers, Market Market, Greenbelt, Bonifacio High Street, Tiendesitas as well as various other economic and recreational zones.

For the occupants of Ivory Tower traveling never seems an issue as it is close to NAIA one and three as well as the domestic airport. Hence, if your job requires you to travel very frequently then Ivory Tower will allow eased out and quick traveling provision.

DMCI Homes is one of the best names in the industry of real estate developers. It has been crafting excellent homes for all since many years with much perfection. The materials used by DMCI are assured to be of the top quality such that concrete and long-lasting homes can be provided. The units are designed spaciously and the amenities are kept well maintained and managed by a team of professionals employed by DMCI. With so many provisions along with various luxurious amenities, Ivory Tower can be named a virtual paradise for its residents that will not just impart comfortable homes but also offer high return value in the upcoming years.

Want to experience Filipino-Spanish resort-living? It is now possible when you chose to live at the Ivory Tower located at the heart of Taguig City. The Ivory Tower (aka Ivory Wood) is a mid-rise residential development having a Filipino-Spanish theme architectural wonder that is the envy of the industry.

Located within the Acacia Estates in Taguig City, this residential enclave is great for start-up families and those who want to harness the benefits of classic urban living with a quiet, resort-like and pristine environment in mind.

Sitting on a 3.32 hectare land owned and operated by one of the country’s premier property developer, DMCI Homes, the project boasts of 7 Medium-rise buildings, each with 6 stories. Within these buildings are world-class common amenities unequalled by other residential projects of this magnitude.

Primarily a fishing community of old, Taguig City lies within Metro Manila’s south-eastern portion and along the western shore of Laguna de Bay. On its borders are Makati, Pateros and Pasig on the north, Muntinlupa City on the south, Parañaque on the southwest while Pasay City is on its west side.

Ivory Wood is offering 965 state-of-the-art condo units with 832 parking slots. This low-dense development offers resort-like facilities both outdoors and indoors, where lush greens dominate the sceneries. The condos are composed of 2-BR (bedroom), 3-BR and 3-BR Tandem Units, with sizes ranging from 49.5sqm to 154sqm. Each unit is made through strict quality standards and the finest materials available. Every unit also undergoes a section-102 (of the Philippine National Building Code) inspection process.

The buildings enclosed the modern amenities such as kiddie pool, lap pool, children’s playground, relaxation pool, grill pits, pool deck, full-court basketball, gazebo, picnic lawn, clubhouse, shower area, landscaped gardens, convenience stores and so much more functional features such as CCTV provisions, sprinkler systems and electrified perimeter fence for total security among others.

The indoor amenities include landscape atriums which provide natural ventilation for every unit, game area, lounge, entertainment room, gym, function hall and others. The site is just minutes away from the International School, British School, Assumption College and the Colegio de San Agustin.

The Ivory Tower Acacia Estates, Taguig is in close proximity to St. Luke’s BGC and just 9km away from the Makati Medical Center. While it is also minutes away from NAIA 1 and 3 and the Domestic Airport, the project sits within an area where business centers and entertainment areas such as the BGC, SM Aura, Market! Market! Shopping Centers, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt, Tiendesitas and all other recreation centers and economic zones are within reach in minutes.

The Ivory Tower is really towering above the rest!

DMCI Ivory Wood Tower in Taguig City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Ivory Wood Tower, then check here first. We have full details of Ivory Wood Tower updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Ivory Wood Tower - Location & Vicinity

Ivory Tower is located in a convenient location in Taguig City. It proudly stands in Acacia Estates' township where the surroundings offer an ample number of essential and important establishments including business setups, entertainment hubs, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, retail counters, marketplaces etc. 

Ivory Tower is extremely close to Makati BGC as well as CBD making it extremely easy for the business indulged individuals who desire to dwell close to their working place. 

Some of the nearby located areas include commercial establishments, Greenbelt located at a distance of 8 kilometers, SM Aura located at a distance of 2.5 kilometers, Tiendesitas located 9 kilometers away as well as Bonifacio High Street located 4 kilometers away.

Ivory Tower has some of the most reputed educational centers located in the close neighborhood including International School located at a distance of 4 kilometers, Colegio de San Agustin located at a distance of 5 kilometers, British School located at a distance of 4 kilometers and Assumption School located at a distance of 8 kilometers.

A few of the many nearby located hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers include St. Luke's Hospital BGC located at a distance of 5 kilometers as well as Makati Medical Center located at a distance of 9 kilometers. 

Some of the nearby located modes of commutation include NAIA three located at a distance of 7 kilometers, Centennial Terminal located at a distance of 8 kilometers, NAIA one located at a distance of 8 kilometers as well as the Domestic Airport located at a distance of 8 kilometers. All the above-jotted establishments can be reached well within a time span of around 30 minutes or less. While residing in a metropolis to spend the least amount of time on traveling is essential such that a peaceful lifestyle can be maintained all throughout.

Taguig City was initially the area of the old fishing community is the region that now is surrounded by all the areas and establishments of supreme importance. It lies along the renowned Laguna de Bay's western shore within the southeastern region of Metro Manila. The surrounding borders of Ivory Tower include Makati, Pasig as well as Pateros in the north region, Muntinlupa City in the southern region, Pasay City in the southern region and finally, Paranaque in the southwestern region. Therefore, Ivory Tower is a residential beauty occupying an extremely strategic location that would keep the residents close to almost everything making it a wise investment.

With such a strategic location, one can always be prepared for any kind of emergency that might arise in day to day life. Traveling doesn't seem to be an issue while residing in Ivory Tower as one can find various modes right after stepping out from the property.

DMCI Ivory Tower Distance to Key Areas :

  • Commercial Establishments
  • SM Aura - 2.5 Km/10 Mins
  • Market! Market! - 3 Km/ 10 Mins
  • Bonifacio High Street - 4 Km/ 15 Mins
  • Greenbelt - 8 Km/ 20 Mins
  • Tiendesitas - 9 Km/ 20 Mins

DMCI Ivory Tower Schools :

  • International School - 4 Km/ 15 Mins
  • British School - 4 Km/ 15 Mins
  • Colegio de San Agustin - 5 Km/ 20 Mins
  • Assumption College - 8 Km/ 20 Mins

DMCI Ivory Tower Hospitals :

  • St. Luke's Hospital-BGC - 5 Km/ 15 Mins
  • Makati Medical Center - 9 Km/ 25 Mins

DMCI Ivory Tower Airport Terminals :

  • NAIA 3 - 7 km / 20 Mins
  • NAIA 1 - 8 Km/ 30 Mins
  • Centennial Terminal - 8 Km / 30 Mins
  • Domestic Airport - 8 Km / 25 Mins
Ivory Wood Tower Location

Ivory Wood Tower - Photo Gallery

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Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Amenities Area

Amenities Area



Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool

Lap Pool

Lap Pool



Site Development Plan

Site Development Plan

Picnic Open Area

Picnic Open Area

Ivory Wood Tower - Features & Amenities

Ivory Tower is located in a well-known community called Acacia Estates which is popular for its calm, secure as well as a quiet community. Ivory Tower is a dwelling paradise that offers a huge bundle of features and amenities that offers a comfortable living to its residents. 

Ivory Tower features a convenience store for the use of the residents such that all the essential commodities are available well within the property at an arm's distance. A laundry station makes another essential amenity of Ivory Tower. The residents can conveniently head to this station such that day to day life seems easier than ever. 

A water station is also accommodated within the property for the convenience of the residents. There is also a power generator included within Ivory Tower such that all the various activities can be carried out without any interruptions. A leisure pool is also incorporated within the property for the use of the residents. 

Provision of grilling pits has also been accommodated in Ivory Tower premises such that the residents can enjoy resort-like facilities while still residing at their home. There are gazebos incorporated within the property which enhance the quality of lifestyle of the occupants. 

A pool deck beside the pool region is also a part of Ivory Tower which further adds on to the luxury of the property. The open spaces of Ivory Tower is full of beautifully landscaped gardens which enhances the beauty of the property as well as helps in maintaining a pollution free environment. 

A lavish lounge area is present in Ivory Tower where the residents can head to enjoy a drink with family and friends. A fitness gymnasium is also incorporated within the property which is very well equipped with the best possible machines. Hence, the residents need not head to elsewhere for their regular fitness sessions. An entertainment room for the kids is also an essential amenity of Ivory Tower where the kids can play various games of their choices with their friends. 

A gaming region for the kids is present for the little members of Ivory Tower such that their leisure time is spent playing their favorite games. Beautifully landscaped atriums allow the property to look mesmerizingly beautiful enhancing the overall look. 

There is a mailing area incorporated within Ivory Tower where the documented deliveries of the residents can be dropped by the outsiders. The owners of the units can access their documents and letters as and when desired as per their convenience. This helps in maintaining the privacy of the residents.

A well-guarded entrance is what Ivory Tower features such that the residents, their property as well as their near and dear ones can reside in a safe and secure environment. There are speedy scenic elevators present in every residential tower of Ivory Tower which can be used by the residents and their guests to commute. 

There is also a provision of calling taxis within the property such that even while using public means of transportation, one can have the feeling of traveling in a personal vehicle. The security guards posted on the entrance point check the incoming vehicles and then allow them in further maintaining the security of the property and its residents.

There is a maintenance team employed by the developers within the property who well-maintain all the various amenities and features such that the quality of the offerings never witnesses a drop.

  • Leisure Pool
  • Grill Pits
  • Gazebo / Cabana
  • Pool Deck
  • Shower Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Lounge Area
  • Fitness Gym
  • Entertainment Room
  • Game Area
  • Function Hall
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Entrance Gate
  • Convenience Store
  • Laundry Station
  • Water Station
  • Stand-by Electric Generator
  • Property Management Services
  • 24-hr security, with Roving Personnel
  • General Maintenance in Common Areas
  • Taxi Call-in Service
  • Utilities Application and Payment Assistance
  • Unit Balconies
  • Single-loaded Hallways
  • Scenic Elevators Per Building
  • Mail Areas

Ivory Wood Tower - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Anahaw ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Anahaw ₱ 4,727,000 85 sqm
Open Parking - Anahaw ₱ 500,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Anahaw ₱ 600,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Palmira ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Palmira ₱ 5,058,000 85 sqm
Open Parking - Palmira ₱ 500,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Palmira ₱ 600,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Lauan ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Lauan ₱ 4,719,000 85 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (Tandem) - Lauan ₱ 8,692,000 148.5 sqm
Open Parking - Lauan ₱ 500,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Lauan ₱ 600,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Kamia ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Kamia ₱ 4,719,000 85 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (Tandem) - Kamia ₱ 7,400,000 127 sqm
Open Parking - Kamia ₱ 520,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Kamia ₱ 620,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Flores ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Flores ₱ 4,715,000 85 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (Tandem) - Flores ₱ 7,400,000 127 sqm
Open Parking - Flores ₱ 520,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Flores ₱ 620,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Adelfa ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Adelfa ₱ 4,718,000 85 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (Tandem) - Adelfa ₱ 7,400,000 127 sqm
Open Parking - Adelfa ₱ 520,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Adelfa ₱ 620,000 12.5 sqm
2-Bedroom With Balcony (Inner) - Abaca ₱ 3,665,000 63.5 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (End) - Abaca ₱ 4,719,000 85 sqm
3-Bedroom With Balcony (Tandem) - Abaca ₱ 7,400,000 127 sqm
Open Parking - Abaca ₱ 520,000 12.5 sqm
Covered Parking - Abaca ₱ 620,000 12.5 sqm

Ivory Wood Tower - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
100% Spot Cash with 10% Discount
Due within 30 days after Reservation Fee
20 – 80 Spread Downpayment Scheme
20% Downpayment payable within 38 months for Anahaw, 43 months for Palmira
Due within 30 days after Reservation Fee
80% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Financing
Available for Back Facing Units
30 – 70 Spread Downpayment Scheme
30% Downpayment payable within 38 months for Anahaw, 43 months for Palmira
Due within 30 days after Reservation Fee
70% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Financing
Available for Front Facing Amenities Units

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Why You Should Invest In  Ivory Wood Tower

Unique Filipino-Spanish architecture

What makes the best investment out of the ordinary? It is certainly the DMCI Ivorywood Residences. Designed and built with an awesome rendition of colonial Filipino-Spanish-inspired architectural fashion, this behemoth of a residential community is not only huge in land area but also massive in style. This medium-rise resort-inspired community is only a few among other residential developments dressed in this type of architectural design across the country. Primarily perceived as a timeless design, the Ivorywood is sure to amaze even the future generations with its original and modern design. Your investment, though small, just got bigger in style!

Several parking slots

Spread through a 3.32-hectare of ideal land, the Ivorywood Residences has 965 (across 7 mid-rise buildings) residential units up for sale with more than 830 parking slots being offered to its residents, a ratio of almost one is to one. And mind you, these parking slots are built with the most state-of-the-art facilities being operated by the team of experts and reliable personnel. With a low-density occupation at the Ivorywood, expect a more efficient flow of vehicles within the enclave even in peak hours. 

Perfect allocation of living areas

While the Ivorywood Residences offers stunning units equipped with basic deliverables, the allocation for every section of your unit is perfectly distributed giving you the finest space in the exclusivity of your home. See this sample space allocation for 2-BR units having a floor area of 56.5sqm and decide for yourself.

  • Living and dining areas.......17.00sqm
  • Kitchen.................................7.00
  • Bedroom 1............................10.30
  • Bedroom 2............................10.00
  • Toilet and Bath......................5.20
  • Balcony..................................7.00
  • Service area............................7.00

Total floor area = 56.50 sqm

This area allocation will give you a perspective on how your unit’s spaces are utilized. For other area allocation for 3-BR units, contact here our licensed and knowledgeable real estate agents for details.

Payment scheme options

Owning a part of history and a slice of the Ivorywood Residences is truly easy and will not be a burden to your budget. Aside from paying spot cash, there are various payment options available that match your capability to pay. Again, contact our representative from this website to update you of the several payment options available.

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